2014   India: Cochin - Karnataka


 Remembering Kolkata  -  Kolkata dream    She came out to dance in front of the cave - Kollur


2013   Bengal - India

 Annica with Rina and Dibarka Das Baul                               


  Bauls at Shantiniketan and Bakreswar   

      Munshia / Snake Goddess at Bakreswar 

        Burning ground at Bakreswar


    Suddar Street



2012   India: Madhya Pradesh - Bengal

 New Delhi          Kajuraho   Chitrakoot        Kasi   Dibakar Das Baul      Rina Das Baul at Shantineketan 

 Bakreswar     Kalighat Kolkata




2010   India: Uttar Pradesh - Madhya Pradesh - Uttaranchal  


    on the path to Neelkan


      At the ghat - Chitrakoot  

Burning ghat - Kasi     Ayodhya 

        Sunni - tantric at Vindychal      Female form




2009   India: Tamil Nadu - Karnataka

   Coast near Cholamandal Artist Village

 Kali at Chidambaram   











2008   India: Tamil Nadu - Karnatakar


Breaking a toe at Om Beach, two weeks of sitting seeing, the world grow so beautiful and near.



I am seeing two bodies, two containers looking all the same, one of pure existence the other a projected form.  This projected form slowly being filled with time, a time we call existence, and so much so that it forgets the other form - the pure form - or finds it less interesting as there is nothing in it - but pure form beyond time.  So the projected form overshadows the pure form by the ego, which it finds more interesting and one day the pure form is forgotten, as it can only be realised without all the substance of ego, thus seeing the meaninglessness of all it contains.  Pure form is clear emptiness - yet full - without anything - yet with all - being totally indifferent only a witness to time, events, life and history.  So one is teribly afraid of letting go of the whole so called existence, your whole life and yours with all the others, to gain what?  Pure existence without nothing in it? But give it a try! It sees all.

The time stopped and the world looked at me -  Reflection - It moves on - This I is projection or the projecting and not this or that body at all. I am exactly the same today at Flora Fountain in Mumbai as 30 years ago at the same place, or when in Kabul 1967 - or anywhere else at any time. Now seeing this body bitten by mosquitoes, this body that right now can't sleep and has a broken toe. It is the night before Good Friday 2008 - and so it will go on being Id-e-Milad, Holi or something else and still I am the same. The day of laughter is now.



2007   India: Maharashtra, Karnatakar, Madhya Pradseh - Exhibition in Mumbai with excèptional good sale.





2006   Karnataka - India


Everyone can learn how to paint - but not to see.




2005   India: Mumbai - Karnataka


Caught in my mind I can move up and down - back and forth and to both sides. But if you crack open this cage or jar, unwrape the parcel paper, or receive this gift - I am everywhere.




2004   India: Mumbai - Karnataka - Kerala




2003   Cyprus 




2001 - 02   India: Bombay - Gujarat 

  Dwarka  Sasan Gir  Junagadh  Girna Hill  Dwarka




1998 - 99   India: Andra Pradesh - Tamil Nadu

               Kanyakumari   Tiruvannamalai  Kanyakumari     Gingee           




1996 - 97   India: Goa - Karnataka

 Kudle Beach    Bandipur   Hampi     Kollur      Kodachadri

   50 years birthday in Arambol     




1995 - 96   India: Rajasthan - Barathpur - Mathura - Vrindraban - Rishikesh


 Drawing by Moses Ambu           



1994   India: Tamil Nadu - Kerala  - Exhibition: Art Exchange Madras - Scandinavia - Tamil Nadu

   Madras cafe   Varkalam      



1993   Indonesia: Java - Bali

       Moses Ambu  






1990 - 91   India: Bombay - Gujarat -  (Bhuj - Dwarka - Junagadh and Sasan Gir)





1989   India: Goa - Karnataka - Maharastra

    Clive in Kandasana  



1985 - 86   India: Bombay - Goa - Karnataka - Tamil Nadu - Andra Pradesh - Madhra Pradesh - Himachal

(walking for two month from Uttarkashi to Gomukh the source of Ganga)



  at Gomukh         Gangotri waterfall 

  KaliBaba at BharionGhat near Gangotri     Mountion monsoon

   Ferocious Kali at Alampur                





1985   Irland The Aran Island

Annica                     Tuatha De-Danaan



1984 - 85   India: Maharastra - Ellora - Goa - Karnataka - Tamil Nadu - Rajastan 

(New Delhi Exhibition delivered) Himachal Pradesh - Manali (meeting with Annica)

        Full Moon Goa party     



1981 - 82   India: Orissa - Bengal - Maharastra - Varanasi - Kashmir - Ladakh - 

(Exhibitions in Calcutta and Bombay)


       Krishnamurtis' last talk   Burning ghat Benares   




1980   Turkey




1979   Greece - Syria - India: Rajasthan - Gujarat - Karnataka - Tamil Nadu - Darjeeling - Nepal

( Exhibitions in Pondycherry, Shantiniketan and Bombay)

 KaluRimpoche in Darjeeling     

     Toda priest



1977   Lofoten Norway




1976   Exhibition tour through France - Belgium - England - Scotland





1975   Montesegur France



1974   Italy and Greece


1972   Maroco



1972   Bali and Java - Indonesia

     Yoga at the Beach


1969 - 70   Over land to India 

Left my belongings in a forest at the boarder between Pakistan and India and started walking via Ferozpur - Chandigarh - Rishikesh - Delhi - Agra - Mathura - Vindraban - Ellora and south to Kanyakumari. Later visiting Sri Lanka - Calcutta and Nepal 

 Afghanistan   Calcutta   Sadhu in the jungle near Agra                    My neighbour cave dweller   


  Calcutta    Brindaban    Kathmandu


1969   Italy


1967 - 68   Over land to India through Turkey, Persia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nepal

 Xmas in Kabul