This serial was done over one year time in 1995. Previously I made similar serials in pastel colour in 1974 - 1975 – 1976. This following text is from a printed addition of the first serial:

The Pictures were done in the twelve days of Christmas 1974, from Christmas Eve until Epiphany. The sequence evolved like a journey through a small part of the star-world and its secrets, which appeared before my eyes. The first six signs revealed themselves as pictures of the human qualities: The thinking, the willing, and the feeling, and how they became united and raised up, going through a purification in the sign of Virgo, thus to stand in readiness before Libra. For example in Cancer, one can see how the delicate beauty and sensitivity tries to protect itself behind its shell in its own cave, fearing the influence of the outer world, and how this sensitivity has to raise itself over the abyss, from the lower to the higher spiral, from the Moon to the Sun, so that this, the gift of the heart, may shine through the light of the Sun on all living beings. Libra became the sign that separates the first six day or summer signs, from the last five night or winter signs, as a threshold. Over the sea of night drifts the soul and far below is Scorpion, the tempter; but the eagle, high in the sky is its light. The unconscious ocean is forced into movements by the fire of Sagittarius and his arrow is directed towards the wisdom, Jupiter. Proud on the peak of the mountain Capricorn views the world of spirit; man’s majesty so easily can lead over into pride, and with it the fall, if it lacks the devotion and love of Aquarius who allows wisdom and the spirit’s clear water to run down over humanity. Then a silence spread itself over the journey, and out of that silence came the sign of Pisces bringing a vision of the future: humanity in absolute harmony and love, penetrated by the sun of the Spirit.