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  Drawing a sketch of him half dying I realised he had been sitting there on ghat, in the same fashion ten years back in time, seemingly without moving.



While drawing her face she placed her back, long and elegant hand on my wrist next to my drawing pad. I kept looking at her face so full of dignity beyond words.  On the path to Neelkanth above Rishikesh.   






The house has many rooms and pillars, but you are hidden - like time and space confuses me.

Yet in hiding - through time and space I suddenly know you and become myself.     2009 



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 Copenhagen NV. - Seed of Beauty 




 The source - inspired by a beach on Samsų - Sold


 My wife and her mother in a chain of Swan lives

  A dream: Catching the split of the moment in the dance of events   (Sold)


             Along the Namada River - Sold



 Different shapes of Hanuman