Naga traveling from India 2014   -   Arriving in Copenhagen

    Naga going to Göta Kanal, Sweden 2014



  Against the sky through ages - Sweden


    Time moulding - Red Devi - Sweden



 Angel with fishnet, snake and Portuguese marble - Galleri Tonne, Oslo 1999       

     Samsĝ church bell, robe and child face - Villa Bournonville, Fredensborg 2002  Fredensborg angle          at Villa Bournonville, Fredensborg 1998



 Kali with tridents, lime and haldi - Villa Bournonville, Fredensborg 2000           

   Kali in Fredensborg with tridents

         Sweden 2013



  Falling studio - Saleboda

    Garden in Sweden


     At work - Copenhagen


     Garden in Sweden

   Seeing the music of nature - Sweden 2014