So I love the dark beauty - Syama, the heart's throb, the ruffled hair, I love and adore her.    Avadhut

In trying to protect the head, the head is lost: By severing the head it is retained. It is like the wick of the lamp which when trimmed gives more light.   Kabir



Sold  Sold  

Just as all colours disappear in black, so all names and forms disappear in her        Mahanirvana Tantra 



  Sold   Sold   Sold

The power of all divine beings is drawn into Thy form.       Devi Mahatmya



Her Face

In between layers of paint you come out to look at me. Amazingly your face so much more than a portrait, changes colour
and shape, symbols and moods exploding.
Again I can cover you. Is it you or me who is hiding? I can change form and invent new ideas, but is it not the eyes
looking that bring new life, your eyes or mine it's all the same.
I wear a turban when I am there and nothing when here. Seen from outside I am both this and that and mostly nothing.
It's good to drink tea.
Darkness covers my lost Sun and weather bleached bones, her hair is an ocean all around me.

Gently caressing her face and sensuous body, I feel her red tongue playing with me. She is Kali screaming: 'Wake up man!'
How good to lie prostrated flat on the ground nose smelling the living earth, before seeing the sun.
I can dream or cut off my head and still be alive. In your embrace I am born again and again, each time anew lasting only
too short a time.
But I know you are hidden in the paint on my canvas, always present.
It is not a boast, as mostly I am sleeping and like my tea with milk.      
       Saleboda, Sweden 2010



All the pilgrimage-centres exist in woman's body.   Purascharanollasa Tantra

She makes you old and young - ugly and beautiful - just to play with you. Getting bored with - the same old you - the form convention tries to shape you in.
She is your body and the entire world.
She loves you. She loves you to see yourself ever new. There is no distance between the lover and the beloved.  2014






By you this universe is born. By you this world is created. O Devi, by you it is protected.    Devi-Mahatmya



 Bindu  Sold

Before desire and before knowing, how can I say I am? Consider. Dissolve in the beauty.  

Unminding mind, keep in the middle - until.      Shiva





Rudra, destroyer of ignorance, the great seer - witness to the birth of  the golden womb......   Shvetashvatara Upanishad             





Four paintings: Interaction in Fire, Water, Air and Earth

    Khajuraho 2011.    

Erotic dance on walls of stones stimulating animals and humans alike, sublime afternoon light plays with the rhythm of the figures.
No limitation to the imagination of tantric play with sex and nadies.
She lightly touches his erect phallus, like steel aroused by dancing nymphs. He swings his body into a marvellous headstand, balancing
her body on his manhood, private to private part - attaining.
Caressing two attaining beauties with his fingers on their private lips and that with ease. What magic union of spirit and matter.  
   Khajuraho 2011




Two birds, inseparable companions, perch on the same tree. One eats the fruit, the other looks on.
The first bird is our individual Self feeding on the pleasures and pains of this world; The other is the universal Self - silently witnessing all.      Mundaka Upanishad








There's a tradition that Muhammad said, 'A wise man will listen and be led by
a woman, while an ignorant man will not.' Someone too fiercely drawn by animal
urges lacks kindness and the gentle affections that keep men human.
Anger and sharp desiring are animal qualities. A lowing tenderness towards
woman shows someone no longer pulled along by wanting. The core of the feminine
comes directly as a ray of the sun. Not the earthy figure you hear about in
love songs; there's more to her mystery than that. You might say she's not from
the manifest world at all, but the creator of it.    



Sold     Sold

I speak for all
but no one knows me.
It was okay then
and is okay now.
Ages pass, I stay the same.   




Look upon a woman as a goddess - whose special energy she is, and honour her in that state.   Uttara Tantra




There are Sun and Moon, and between them is the Seed. This last is that Being, whose nature is Joy Supreme.        Hevajra Tantra



 The streets of Kasi and cremation ground.   

The black bull of death - of Yama - is in the streets of Kasi. The lanes are narrow, no one can pass him by. Some greet him welcome, while others run away in fear. He
has three eyes. One is peacefully sleeping, the other nervously trembling with fear. The third in the middle - is the one seeing it all. His head moves from side to side,
vapour rises from his steaming body, creating hundreds of Kalis and Laxmies. The sound of the conch travels in my head from one ear to the other. In between there is
no sound. Time stopped - it never was - and yet it is always here. Meet him with folded hands - and with 'Ram Ram' on your lips.

The old palaces tell the never ending tales of life's mystery - of love and war. Now you get bafi next to the urinal place, where rats squat on piles of dirt. The best bananas
are sold here and only 35 rupee for a kilo of golden oranges. But the monkeys pisses at you from the rooftop. It is still the same - Someone sees it all as beauty - someone
sees it all as shame. Piles of shit in broken lanes - feet's walking, walking, walking - hearing the soundless sound of passing from the paws of a small cat.                                                                   

Met with Kabir in the streets of Kasi. Curd melting on my tongue. Time stopped - fell over the rim and was swallowed, only the taste left back. Past and future is actions
only. Drink the nectar with joy. Met with Kabir in the streets of Kasi.        Varanasi 2011


    Female form - Vindhyachal 2010

 Flower on Ganga  - 2013 

How easily we are trapped. May I flow with you in the midstream   2014

          Tongue of Kali  




A square form with empty shrine - a rite of open sky - a bowl of any body. 2011




Moving within limits: man.
Moving without limits: saints.
Dropping both limits and no-limits -
unfathomable thoughts. 


     Om hung Hanuman Mahat!  



     The Seed

The Linga in the yoni emerges from the yoni

Thou art the seed of the universe, and the supreme Maya. All this universe has been bewitched by Thee.
Thou, when pleased, art the cause of salvation to human beings.            
Devi - Mahatmya