A second passes - a wandering glace looks straight through me - without any recognition of me, he is lost or gone in his own universe.
The hands move up over his head. He turns around like an animal going to drink, not like someone washing himself. I get a glimpse, as
I crawl around him. I almost slip into the river, but keep on with my frantic drawing. It's a few precious minutes I'm getting, observing
his face so closely. A shy, nervous, delicate softness - like a bird - such is the shining in his eyes. Then, he is gone again............


I have waited for days to stretch out my hands like an empty cup, in my request to this saint, or madman. Now it is done. He smiled.




I have given up searching for her. It's Holi and I have stayed inside the room for the whole day while colours have been thrown through the air.
Now I'm walking through the whole town from south to north along the river. It's late afternoon and I will leave Kasi tomorrow. The river is a mirage
of many colours and the streets behind the ghat are so narrow that one can reach from wall to wall across the street.....